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Keeping up with Dental Technology

Keeping up with Dental Technology

Keeping up with dental technology is important in today’s ever changing, high-tech world. Dr. Sapna Amin at Flower Mound Family Dentistry takes pride in offering her patients the latest and greatest in the dental field. We would like to share those advancements with you!

NOMAD Portable X-Ray

This handheld x-ray unit allows our staff to take quick and precise x-rays. It is easily moved to each operatory, allowing for even the most difficult angles of x-rays to be taken with great patient comfort. The staff member using this unit stays in the room with you during your x-rays and can quickly make adjustments to get the right shot. The NOMAD, along with the digital sensors, allows for much less radiation exposure.

 PLANMECA Panoramic X-Ray 

Our digital PANO machine allows us to take crystal clear 2-D images of the head and neck region. This x-ray allows us to see numerous features of the head and neck and can help diagnose issues with TMJ, sinus cavities, bone loss, wisdom teeth, and even calcified arteries. Since the machine is all digital, we are easily able to share the images with other dental specialists you may need to seek treatment from.

 Digital Intraoral Cameras

Photos are taken at your cleaning appointments, as well as treatment appointments using our digital intraoral cameras. These cameras are roughly the size of a toothbrush, and provide us a close-up, macro size view of the tooth. Using these photos, we are able to compare and contrast the teeth over time. We can make the tooth large on the screen and check for fractures, suspicious lesions, and areas that are difficult to see in the mouth. These photos help in making the correct diagnosis.


The diagnodent is a laser fluorescence detector that aids in diagnosing decayed areas of the teeth. This tool, used in conjunction with Dr. Amin’s clinical exam, can determine areas that are beginning to have changes in the enamel. This is beneficial when determining where to focus your oral hygiene efforts. Click here to learn about having a pain-free wisdom teeth recovery after surgery.